If you're one-of-a-kind, quirky, rebellious, as well as FUN… So why on earth could you have a traditional wedding? It's likely that, you're probably not going to. Nicely hallelujah to you miss indie-bride because we're totally searching your vibe and we cannot get enough of your design.

The beauty of an indie designed wedding is that it's completely unique and no holds banned. There aren't any actual rules to follow and the innovative allowances are boundless. And so do fun with this style as well as here’s to getting Indie-Spirational!


                                                                 image: Bridal Gowns

During your stay on island are no hard set guidelines to an Indie wedding, here are a few inspirational elements to help enable you to get on your creative merry method.


Your wedding attire ought to be casual, cool, and sometimes strange. Sneakers, bow-ties, and classic lace? Yes please!


This isn't your mom’s wedding that's for sure. Accept the new age and have enjoyable with technology. Create your personal hashtags and go insane with Instagram filters.

Traditional wedding fare? No thank you. Serve up some fun cocktails, craft beers, and food truck fare. See here: www.thebridalmall.com.au